Learning Environments


Our Infant learning environment is designed to develop bonds and  relationships with teachers and other babies, while also using American Sign Language, Music and Gross Motor activities. Infants at The Learning Cottage know they are safe and loved while developing social, cognitive and motor skills in a home-like environment.


Our Toddlers are eager to enter their learning environment, smiles on; and toddling to their teachers and peers alike. Daily activities include American Sign Language, Music, Outdoor Experiences, Motor and Muscle Activities; Sensorial Experiences and MORE. Toddlers follow a monthly umbrella theme and weekly sub themes that enhance their academic skills while also nurturing their social emotional development.

Jr. Preschool

In the Jr. Preschool environment children begin to work toward common goals using the Blended Philosophy of Montessori, Reggio & Traditional education. Children will enjoy small group lessons, outdoor classrooms and child choice time utilizing strategically enhanced centers, and experiences that blend their social emotional growth, academic successes and weekly sub themes.


Using the Blended Philosophy and Florida’s 4 Year Old Standards, children ages 3 – 4 years follow an academic rotation that includes Arts, Math & Science; and Language while working in small groups for individualized learning. Through Montessori, Reggio and Traditional teachings, children enhance their learning goals through play and smaller classroom ratios. In addition to their monthly academic learning goals, Preschoolers also learn what is it to be a good person through character development; confidence through life skills activities, and Spanish enhancement lessons.

Private Pre-K

Children in Private Pre-Kindergarten follow a traditional small group rotation working on Kindergarten standards by following an Artist of the month, a monthly theme and weekly sub themes. Pre- K students enhance their Math, Science and Language development in the classroom, outdoor classrooms, gardens and more. During child choice opportunities children can choose from Montessori lessons that enhance their learning goals, creative center play or natural reggio experiences. Students will also follow a monthly character development, life skills, and Spanish themes, goals and activities

Private Kindergarten

Private Kindergarten is home to students and families looking for a small transitional setting for their young learner, and/or children who have completed our Private Pre-Kindergarten year with a late birthday, missing the cut-off to attend public school; but socially and academically ready for the opportunity. Children in Private Kindergarten are working on Kindergarten and First Grade standards in a small group with a low classroom ratios. Students and teachers cover all subject matter and enrichment opportunities such as Music, Arts, Spanish, Character Development and Life Skills in addition to their daily academics.