Testimonials & Awards

We love The Learning Cottage! My 3.5 year old son has a great time learning and playing with his friends all day. I know he is in great hands with his teachers and learning not only academically, but about being a kind person. My daughter is in the infant room and loves her teachers – she gets a big smile on her face when she sees Miss Juliana and Miss Andrea and I know she is loved and having fun. If you are looking for a place where your child will grow in a safe, clean environment with teachers that truly care and will love your child, this is the place! There is a reason The Learning Cottage often has such a long waitlist and trust me, it’s worth it!

Sara W.

As a first time working Mom, finding the best place for my son was my number one priority while I was pregnant.  The Learning Cottage sure has been a blessing to my family. It is a local, family owned school that really prioritizes the child over anything else.  My son had some issues early on with gross motor movement and with their guidance and support we overcame all of his obstacles, and now he is a maniac (in a good way!) He is not yet two and says please and thank you (also in sign language) and comes home with artwork that I could never have thought of myself. He is blossoming into the best and brightest little boy and I know that the LC has contributed to his growth.

Hillary Varona

If I could give this school hundred stars, I would! The School runs like a well oiled machine! Safety is a Top priority! You can’t even enter the school without knowing the door code. Teachers are constantly communicating on walkie talkies. Holy Moly clean! The school uses all Young Living products. When necessary a sterilization team will come after hours to clean the school.  My son went a whole year without a sick visit to the doctor. Academics on Point! With the LC’s Blended Philosophy, my son has the tools to be ready for Kindergarten, both socially and academically.Parent Committee! Trust me, I’m not The PTO kinda mom, but I wanted to be a part of this awesome community of people.  It also gave me the opportunity to meet other moms at the school and be in the loop with what the school was working on. Peace, love and learning Is the school’s motto and it shows in everything they do.  Whether your child has sensory issues or just plain sad to see their parents leave, a teacher is always available to make the child feel safe and loved.

Katy Magill Foss

I toured a number of preschools before deciding on The Learning Cottage (after moving here from out of state). I could not be happier, or more grateful for the staff. They are so incredibly caring and nurturing to the children. The school goes above and beyond to ensure a clean, safe, and enriching learning environment, as well as to keep parents involved and in the loop as much as possible. My child is overjoyed to arrive each morning, talks about her friends and teachers nonstop, and is always doing something fun and new upon pick up. She has learned so much since being here and it is amazing to witness that each day. I am so thankful we have found our “village” at this school.

N. Morris

The Learning Cottage has been the such an amazing experience for my children. They go far beyond a Preschool – the teachers, directors and other families are literally part of our extended family now. We have experienced a variety of different preschools and this one is leaps and bounds above most.

Nicole Rissler

Everyone at the Learning Cottage makes you feel like family! Our little one enjoys seeing all of their smiling faces each and everyday. A few of the many reasons they’re a  winner of Sarasota’s Best Of award for preschool!

Sabrina Bareggi

As a parent, the Learning Cottage has given my daughter an incredible foundation where she has learned to be a good friend and has fun everyday. She is very well loved each and every day and I wouldn’t want to drop her off anywhere else. As a local kindergarten teacher, I have had students come into my class from the LC. They are very well prepared academically but more than that they have great social skills and treat their friends with kindness and compassion.

Sarah Mickley

I can not say enough good things about this place!  From the minute we walked through the door the whole family fell in love with it.  The feeling continues everyday I drop and pick up my son.  It is such a warm, nurturing, encouraging environment!  My son is in the Pre-K class and I absolutely love his teachers.  The whole staff is amazing!  Where to start:  It is a clean, welcoming, calming environment.  They promote a healthy lifestyle with their organic healthy snacks that has gotten my son out of his comfort zone more than once.  They are excellent communicators: monthly “news letter,” picture updates during the day, open communication with the teachers every day, updates sent home in his folder and on an on.  Not to mention we have seen a change in my son’s behavior for the better since he has started at The Learning Cottage- he is more loving and patient with his younger brother, he has picked up some great habits, and he has gotten better at using words to express his feelings.  I love to hear the excitement he has when he tells me what he has learned and I am always impressed.  I love the curriculum  and the manner in which they teach it.  It is so well run and thought out and we feel lucky that we found it!

Michelle Esccobar

After looking at many other preschools in the area I decided on The Learning Cottage for my child. It is a choice I would make many times again if I had the chance.  My child learned more than I could ever image because of their excellent curriculum. She was not only more than prepared for kindergarten course work, but she was socially prepared as well.  TLC is run by two amazing women who care about the children and families.  They are very accommodating and kind and will work with you to address any needs.  My child and I both miss the wonderful staff every day.

Holly Siegling

I highly recommend The Learning Cottage to any parent looking for a pre-school for their child. The staff is super friendly and truly care about the kids and their well being. They teach the kids about very important things like respecting the environment. They also care about the health of the children, serving organic and preservative free snacks! The Learning Cottage is leading the way for preschools in the Sarasota area!

Dr. Matthew Morris

I honestly could not be happier with The Learning Cottage. I was so nervous sending my two boys to preschool. It was a tough decision to come to but making the decision to send them to The Learning Cottage was an easy one. I had brought my kids with me for the tour and they loved it the minute we got there. The owners and staff really do such an exceptional job with the kids. My boys have learned so much more than I ever expected them to at a preschool. To this day, I am in awe of what they show and tell me they know. When I drop them off each morning, I have no doubt that they will have an awesome day and that they will be well taken care of and cared for.

Lesa Labunsky